Some updates

I’m still alive, I promise!

I removed the GDPR requirement on all the listings. I’d still prefer you to be aware, so I reworded it and made it more obvious.

New themes up: Up, DuckTales, Brendan Fraser, Dumbo, On the Road, Pokemon, and Tron: Legacy.

I also added sidebars where I could to promote my Ko-Fi and to emphasize the night mode option.

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la verre de porto - a dinner table at night by john singer sargent


Hello friend! There’s still a bit of dust and detritus here and there but I’ve moved the sites from fan.gpacheco.org to sundayblues.net.

It automatically redirects but please update your links if you can. Furthermore, I’ll be updating my info at the networks momentarily.

Thank you for your patience!

Photo by Tianyi Ma on Unsplash

How to Use WordPress to Manage Your Fanlisting Collective

As time goes on – and PHPFanBase, Enthusiast, and BellaBuffs support becomes non-existent because people move on – you’re probably one of many fanlisting owners who need to find something new to automate your collective. I searched far and wide for something that I could use.

I was intimately familiar with WordPress – having developed sites with it for more than 10 years – and I knew something had to already exist that I could use for what I want to do. A lot of the legwork I conducted would probably confuse a casual web designer which I know makes up most of the fanlisting community.

With that said, if you can understand basic WordPress functionality, and know what to look for if I mention it in the tutorial, this could be a solution for you.

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la verre de porto - a dinner table at night by john singer sargent

New theme

I didn’t realize it but you couldn’t expand the posts on the previous theme, so I updated to one of my favorite themes, Maillard by Olympus Themes.

I also added pics on the Current page, cause I wasn’t happy how they were rendering previously. I simply hadn’t gotten around to updating it until today, haha.

The Brendan fanlisting has all of its previous fans listed, as Ai was kind enough to share the list with me.

Tiny updates

Just posted no new fan updates to all the relevant listings.

I also added Amazon shops to those listings that didn’t have one before.

For some reason, my original Amazon affiliate links weren’t showing up properly. I feel really dumb because even though I don’t make a gang of money to support these sites, every little cent helps.

So I decided to change the way I serve the ads. I hope it works because it’s so frustrating when they don’t.

Anyways, come join my listings!