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Some updates

I’m still alive, I promise! I removed the GDPR requirement on all the listings. I’d still prefer you to be aware, so I reworded it and made it more obvious. New themes up: Up, DuckTales, Brendan Fraser, Dumbo, On the Road, Pokemon, and Tron: Legacy. I also added sidebars where I could to promote my…

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a little princess

3 new listings!

Whew, I’m a fanlisting demon, getting them all up in a reasonable amount of time, haha. Daft Punk Little Princess, A Tron: Legacy Just waiting on them to be officially listed on TFL, but come and join! Looking for fans and affiliates.

tron legacy


I got approvals for 2 kill-for fanlistings. Tron: Legacy and A Little Princess (1995). This is major for me. I’ve loved these two subjects for many, MANY years. I’m over the moon, and already working on getting everything up. Stay tuned!